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No matter how sensible you are, the world can be a dangerous place – even for us adults. So, to help our members to stay safe when using DatingForParents, we’ve put together some handy hints and tips. Please use them.

Stay anonymous.

You can contact other DatingForParents members without giving out any personal details – not even your email address – and we suggest you keep it that way until you’ve built up a good picture of your new friends. It’s your call if you’d prefer to share your personal details. But before you add your mobile number to your introduction, ask yourself if you really want to take calls from everyone who’ll see it.

Take your time.

We hope that at some point you’ll meet someone on DatingForParents who you’d like to get to know in person – that’s the whole point, after all. But remember, there’s no rush. Exchanging emails is a good way to start a friendship and later you might decide you want to swap phone numbers too. Before you meet in person, though, you’ll want to feel sure that everything your new friend has told you adds up. Trust your instinct.

Use your blocking options.

You can use the site’s sophisticated blocking options to prevent another member from seeing your details or contacting you again if you think they’ve behaved offensively or the two of you just don’t get along. You can also tell us about anything inappropriate that you see or read.

Be careful when arranging a date.

When you do decide to meet a new friend face-to-face, be sensible. Choose a public place to meet, and tell a friend where you’re going and what time you’ll check in with them on your return. Trust your instinct and don’t feel obliged to stick around if you don’t feel at ease. Consider taking a friend with you: a genuine date won’t mind and your friend might even help to break the ice.

Use your common sense whenever you communicate with new friends – especially if you plan to meet in person.

DatingForParents has been designed to be SAFE and SECURE. All communications made via this site are recorded and time-stamped. If you think that a member is behaving strangely, offensively or illegally, block them and report them to us straightaway.